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Reminder of event Terror from Beyond on 2017-12-17
8 Terror from Beyond (Normal)
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Dekion   Welcome to Ootini!
Crelfax   You've taken your first step into a larger world.
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Dekion   Welcome!
AhnNuMassive update to GoH, check the link here for those who play it.

Version Update 11/22/2017
Hiya Holotable Heroes! This week marks the second anniversary of the worldwide launch of Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes. To celebrate this august occasion, the team at Capital Games ...
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Dekion   Welcome to Ootini!
Fyonha   Hey! Glad you got the email and registered. Welcome to Ootini.
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DekionThanks to every Ootini that participated in the Wookie Alliance Extra Life Day Event on November 4th, 2017. Along with others in the SWTOR community, we helped raise over $3000 for the Extra Life Charity which sponsors the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.
DekionCongratulations to Chill for winning Best Overall Character in the Wookie Alliance Extra Life Charity Cosplay Contest!
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DekionOotini is joining Unholy Alliance and other from the SWTOR community on November 4th for Extra Life Day. This will be a 12 hour charity marathon and all proceeds will go to the charity. Donations are appreciated, but not required to join in on the fun. Here's the schedule for the day. All times are EST.

11:00am Icebreaker - Help us create a community mural to remember this year's event.

11:30am Fort Tusken Grand Prix - It's Podracing, PvP, and Sandpeople all in one!

12:30pm PvP Hostage Rescue - Protect your hostage or claim your opponents captive in this PvP Event.

1:30 pm Titles and Datacrons - Cartel Security Title from the Fleet and the Makeb Datacrons.

2:00pm Hide n Seek - Can you be the first to find Mox?

3:00pm Like a Voss - We have 90 minutes to defeat 21 Champions on Voss for the Champion of Voss Achievement.

5:00pm SWTORWood Squares - An in game recreation of the Classic American gameshow featuring community content creators and Eric Musco.

7:00pm Pick Your Poison - Into the Eternity Vault (16 man) or a Planet Hop..

8:30pm Cosplay Contest - Want to dress as Wolverine, Lara Croft, or Captain Picard? Strut your stuff on the Manaan Runway for fantastic prizes!

9:30 Radio Free Pub Crawl - Dance your way into the coolest cantinas and dives of the galaxy as the traditional dance goes mobile.

11:00pm Random Events - The official guild event ends at 12 hours, but many will push through for 24. Join them as the fun continues.
Extra Life Event - Extra Life Charity Event - Enjin
Unholy Alliance Extra Life Charity event
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Johnathan Spiorn   Welcome
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