Welcome to the Ootini Conquest forum thread. My goal here is set up some general guidelines and goals. At this point feel free to tell me if you think a concept is broken or suggest tweaks for others.

1) Major Goal: While eventually I would love to see Ootini Knights and Rage make it into the top rankings or even move up in the category of Conquest we work towards (currently small yield). In the short term I want to start with everyone having fun, playing more aspects of the game while achieving goals and rewards, and working to bring more activity to the guilds.

2) Concept of Play: Conquest has two categories of missions. The first are repeatable. This means they are able to be completed on multiple characters throughout your Legacy. The second are not repeatable (or single turn in). This means only one character on your account per server will get the Conquest points for the week. As a guild, at the start, we will focus forecasted events on one faction for each month. This means the goal will be complete all of the non-repeatable pieces on that faction.

3) Incentives: We won't be doing this initially but as the guild gets more comfortable in "how" the Conquest challenges will be running the top earner, based on Legacy name, for the focus faction will get a reward. At the end of each week I will total the conquest points earned across each Legacy for the faction of choice. The player who contributed the most points to the guild's Conquest for the month will receive a prize selection. Much of this part is still to be determined.

4) Request: The last part of this is purely a request. On weeks which we achieve our Guild Conquest goal each character who achieved their Personal Conquest objective should receive an additional reward. From that reward you should receive a selection of Encryption (they come in Engineering, Logistic and Command). We are asking, not a requirement, for the players to donate the Encryption items received to the Ootini guild. This is in an effort to fully open our guild flagships. Again, this is by NO means a requirement and deciding not to donate will in NO way affect your guild standings or anything else.

So, now with all of that being said...There will be amendments made to this thread as we solidify our Guild Conquest goals. I will send out messages in Discord about upcoming events and faction focus. I will attempt to set up events on the guild website (as of now I won't be doing sign ups so just shout out in "/guild" if you want an invite) on a weekly basis. And I am available and will endeavor to answer your questions. See you in game! -Synwulf / Rexa Legacy